BSP Education Society has started its project outside the boundaries of the school campus. Society has selected to build a toilet for its student Kavita Sharma, who is diffirently able because of polio.

She is facing lot of problem having no toilet at her house.Kavita is a 11th grade student who comes on a tricycle from her village everyday. Her village is about 4 KMS (2.5 miles) each way from the school. Kavita lives in her 2 room house with 12 family members (father, mother, grandparents, uncle, aunt, siblings and cousins). We have built a handicapped accessible Toilet and installed a 15 gallon tank because there is no running water in the house. A septic tank is installed outside the house.

Kavita's parents will bring 6-7 buckets of water from street handpump and will fill the storage tank for Kavita to use all day. Despite of these challenges Kavita has maintain over 90% attendance. This program was supported by Durga and Alpana Dash