Kanaka Rai Trivedi Library

"Make thy books thy companions. Let thy cases and shelves be thy pleasure grounds and gardens." - Judah Ibn-Tibbon(12th century)

Kanak Rai Trivedi Library was inaugurated by Rajiv Trivedi on 19th January 2011. The library is designed with our mission in mind. By advancing knowledge of environment, community, and history, we create more involved and effective students. We encourage life-long learning and passion for reading while actively improving the lives of the children.

The library:

  • improves literacy of students by letting them read at their own pace
  • provides students insight and preparation needed for the competitive exams for both further education and jobs in the Public and Private sector
  • provides mentally stimulating books which is not necessarily academic and directly related to their school work
  • encourages development  of reading habits and story telling
  • provides opportunities to develop skills that contribute to success in the real world