Computer Lab

“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.?– Bill Gates

Computer lab is 100% powered by Solar Energy.

Computer lab consists of state-of-the-art server and thin computing network with broadband connectivity.

Computers are used to teach computer courses and as a resource for educational and administrative purposes. The lab also has a modern printer copier scanner available. There are currently 15 workstation with flat screen monitors with scope of expansion upto 100 workstations in the future.

Teachers are also given access to the internet to implement modern teaching methodologies in the classrooms.

The school embraced the advantages that information technology has to offer and ensured its easy introduction to rural students.

The school is commited to gearing students to get comfortable using the computer in a way that makes them understand the power and the potential of computing.

All students of the school have scheduled computer lab time to experience the computer in their own way.

In addition there are scheduled and structured courses to provide more streamlined learning.

The computer lab helps to:

  • to catch-up with the information technology era which was beyond their reach till date
  • demystify the sophistication that people think is needed to work with it
  • opens door to visual mode of teaching which is enjoyable and informational